Hello student!

At NovaLite we are united around the goal of supporting you, our future colleague software developer, in completing a mandatory student internship before graduation. The internship is intended for senior university students and usually takes three weeks. Through this period you will cooperate with one of our experienced developers, acting as your mentor and work on practical task(s) that will help you start rounding up and sharpening the knowledge gained during university education.

The mentor will not only monitor your progress, but also help you get to know the company and master the internship. At all times you will be performing your tasks in a friendly atmosphere surrounded by other colleagues willing to offer their help, advice and insight. An innovative approach is always appreciated, so you can count on us wanting to hear your ideas and suggestions. You will also have time to explore, meet the other teams and make contacts with different people.

The NovaLite student internship program is available throughout the year. In order to enter the program, three conditions have to be met: a positive test score, mentor availability and open slots. Please bear in mind – to us the program is an investment venture. We contribute our limited human and time resources to the training and education of our interns. Therefore, a strong foundation, solid skills and capabilities combined with enthusiasm and initiative shall be among the determining factors when considering your participation in the program.

At the end of the program you will obtain a certificate for a successful completion of internship and much more: new experience and skills, but also contacts and opportunities that might steer your future career in a desired direction.

The application for student internship starts with you sending us your CV, following which the selection process – testing and interviews with the potential mentor, will take place.

Regarding technologies, we currently offer the following student internship orientations:

  • JAVA/Scala


    • strong background in object-oriented programming, Java and DBMS
    • basic knowledge of functional software development is an advantage
    • knowledge in noSQL DBMS (MongoDB) is an advantage
    • diligent, goal-driven and adaptable personality with developed soft and teamwork skills
    • tendency towards open-source technologies and agile software development
    • solid command of both spoken and written English

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    I hereby consent to processing and storing of my personal data for the period of three years following the date of application and I understand that I am eligible to withdraw my consent at any time by contacting NovaLite via administration@novalite.rs. Find more details about above-mentioned processing and your rights in Recruiting Privacy Notice