“Knowledge is power. Knowledge shared is power multiplied.”

Robert Noyce

When an organization opts for activities like knowledge-sharing sessions, it communicates a clear message about the value of ongoing learning, development, and improvement. This, in turn, helps cultivate a positive organizational culture that inspires employees to grow and contribute to the organization’s success.

Thankfully, we’ve got plenty of those sessions at Novalite. The company entirely support knowledge exchange, and we really look forward to each next one that comes our way.

Knowledge Sharing Sessions: Concept and Value

For those unfamiliar, knowledge-sharing sessions are basically ways for people in a company to share what they know and what they are good at. It’s all about exchanging knowledge, skills, and expertise with each other. These sessions can take different forms, like workshops, seminars, presentations, or panel discussions. Here are some of the main benefits of these sessions::

  • Creating a knowledge culture

Mainly, these sessions help create a culture within the company that is focused on promoting and sharing knowledge. Therefore, there can be a diverse viewpoints and problem-solving approaches and it can easily lead us to new ideas and solutions for tackling business challenges.

  • Elevated work quality

When employees are exposed to new knowledge and skills, they can apply their new insights to their work and thus improve the quality of their work results. They can also better cope with new business challenges and problems and find solutions faster.

  • Increased motivation and engagement

When employees can share their knowledge and experiences, they feel more valued and important for their contribution to the organization. This can lead to greater motivation and engagement, as employees feel involved in the organization’s development processes.

  • Boosting collaboration and teamwork

Knowledge-sharing sessions can also help to improve collaboration and teamwork. When employees share knowledge, it can lead to a better understanding of each other’s roles, processes, and goals and make it easier to coordinate and collaborate between teams.

When & What does We Share?

At Novalite, they’ve got us covered with loads of opportunities to level up our skills. Often, they sponsor us to attend various seminars and conferences throughout the year. That way we can enhance our knowledge, acquire new insights, and boost our careers, while helping the company grow. Win-win for everyone.

So, after each conference or seminar, employees who attended are more than eager to share the acquired knowledge with the rest of their colleagues in the form of KS sessions.

How does it REALLY Look?

Here, KSS isn’t merely a chance to exchange knowledge and ideas; it’s also quite enjoyable thing. Our chats are usually pretty lively and chill, with people tossing around all sorts of bold ideas and suggestions. It’s not super formal or anything, but a friendly gathering where people just speak their minds, share bold thoughts and get creative.

We typically order far to much pizza, and there’s a supply of beer in the refrigerator. Good food, good drinks, and a laid-back vibe set the scene for us to really dive into whatever we’re discussing. It’s all about making everyone feel comfortable and focused on the topics at hand.

Dare to Share

When I think about what a knowledge-sharing session is all about, it’s basically a great chance to swap ideas with others and pick up some new insights along the way. Sure, it can be a bit intimidating to put your thoughts out there, to go in front of everyone and speak, but there’s something really satisfying about helping someone understand a concept or learn something new. Plus, when others share their knowledge with me, it’s like my world suddenly gets bigger. It gives me a whole new outlook on things.

So, to conclude, YES, a knowledge-sharing session is an educational and enjoyable way to learn and exchange ideas with others, and I would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone interested in personal growth and development. I am so glad that here in NovaLite, we practice it regularly.

Jelena Bojović

A dedicated software tester who loves her job. Jelena spends her free time socializing, listening to music, collecting vinyl records, and attending festivals. Her hobbies include playing the piano, chess, martial arts, and archery. She thinks we should be versatile, because the more we know, the more we're worth.